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Yeah! We're rockin' the only festive fleet-based picture we got.

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STO: Delta Rising is LIVE!

Regulus a posted Oct 14, 14

STO: Delta Rising Trailer

Regulus a posted Aug 31, 14

Is it me, or does this trailer actually look rather good? I'm not used to this. But it does look pretty cool...

Engineers Can Haz Shipz.

Regulus a posted Aug 28, 14

Say hello to the Constellation Class Cruiser!

It was Picard's first command, and arguable his first love. So how could Star Trek Online be complete without her. We are very proud to bring you the Heavy Cruiser Refit – Constellation class. This C-store ship is available for 1000 ZEN.

The recent Refit of Starfleet's Heavy Cruiser extends the life of one of the oldest ships in the fleet. This workhorse of the Federation has been used for the past 125 years for everything from deep space exploration, transport, blockade and patrol missions. It is one of the few Starfleet designs to have more than two nacelles.

Click this link for details!

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